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1.4 Obtaining

Source tarball available via anonymous access here. Current version: 0.12rc10

To run sparc64 under pthreads, you can try using the realtime extensions for setting the scheduler to round-robin/fifo combo as such: tmesh -a r1 -m f1 -i e –cpus 1 ./MY-SUN4U. More info to come shortly in the docs.

Note that the only documentation is the README, which is a (currently outdated) copy of the instructions here. We are working to improve the documentation. In particular, note that the tap device configuration should be set up as described in the Network Descriptions section.

On NetBSD, you can get the pkgsrc-wip repo and install it as documented on their pkgsrc-wip project page. The project directory is tme.

On Arch Linux, you can get the AUR package tarball and install it as documented in their guidelines.