The Machine Emulator (TME) 0.12rc10

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The Machine Emulator

The Machine Emulator, or tme, provides a general-purpose framework for computer emulation. The goal is to create a large library of modules, each emulating a specific computer chip, or bus, or board, etc. These modules offer standard interfaces that allow you to connect them together to create a whole machine emulation with a minimum of effort.

While these assembled machine emulations will likely never be as fast as a single program designed from the beginning to emulate a specific machine, the standard module interfaces should be reasonably fast. Even though the best abstract interfaces still introduce overhead and can’t always express certain optimization hints, reusability will always save a lot of development time, and performance problems can be addressed by faster hardware.

This manual is for The Machine Emulator (version 0.12rc10, 14 October 2022), which is a generic machine emulator.

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